The leading Makeup Sponge Suppliers and Manufacturers China

Behind every beautiful makeover, there is a cosmetic, and makeup tool manufacturer who made it possible for every woman to rejuvenate her looks, and boost her beauty! When we talk about makeup tool and applicator, then who can forget the handy makeup sponges that help in blending makeup, and helps in settling liquid foundations on your skin very well?

Melina Cosmetics is ranked among the top most makeup sponge suppliers all over China. We also deal in manufacturing makeup brushes, eyeliners, and applicators. At our platform, a huge variety of makeup sponge options are available to you, such as foundation, and blush.

Our Design Concepts & Collection of Makeup Sponges

Our designing concepts are influenced by top manufacturing standards which use environmentally friendly processes and is 100% free from natural latex. All of our cosmetic sponges are produced using latex-free polyurethane which is applicable for all skin types.

Makeup sponge is something which every consumer and buyer would pick in order to win the product winning the competition for its incredible work, ease of use, and for its role in giving the finest finishing touch to final makeover look; whether for middle-aged women or for a teenage girl.

As far as the variety in types of our China cosmetic sponges is concerned, so it’s just a gesture to reveal the significance of makeup sponges in the makeup world. Regardless of whether you need to evacuate the smirched eyeshadows/liner or clean your face after the gathering, to blend the foundation or to moisturize your skin with the cleanser, our China cosmetic sponge comes in handy for all such kind of purposes.

What types of makeup sponges do we provide?

Once you make deal with Melina makeup sponge suppliers, you’ll amaze to see our immense variety of sponges and the numerous types in which thousands of makeup sponges and applicators are manufactured each day. Some of the selected ones are;

  • Triangle sponge
  • Pear-shaped sponge
  • Teardrop sponge
  • Disc sponges
  • Flat-ended sponge
  • Jane Iredale Flocked Makeup Sponge
  • Beauty blender Micro Mini

Besides, you’ll get many design sponges through various suppliers, but you won’t get our manufactured designs which look appealing, and trendy! We take it as a duty to provide the finest quality that proves us reliable makeup sponge supplier.

This is the reason our products have become highly wanted, and so, we have managed to meet the demand for massive quantity in producing makeup brushes and sponges.

What makes us the best makeup sponge suppliers & manufacturers

At Kraumetik Melina Co, LTD. We boast of manufacturing versatile cosmetic products; from their flexible wholesale price to their convenient use, it possesses all those features which make them every women’s favorite.

Who won’t prefer something trendy and fashionable, be it a cosmetic or a piece of attire. That’s what the core concept of our makeup sponges! The quick notable features of our cosmetic products are;

  • The quality material of the sponge/brushes, and applicators
  • Multiple sizes and shapes for various uses
  • High demand in the market
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