Individual Brushes

Individual Brushes

Get a complete variety of all makeup brushes from Kraumetik Cosmetic We have a diverse range of products in individual brushes, and in a professional brush set as well. We’re your complete makeup solution!

Besides, we own a stock of cosmetic brushes in a number of sizes ranging from small, bigger, medium, to weird shaped ones. Some are made from animal hair, and some are made from synthetic fibers.

Our brush collection includes;

  • Shader brush
  • Travel brush
  • Facial cleaning brush
  • Professional brush
  • Dual end brush

We provide Multi-purpose brushes!

It has been usually seen that many cosmetic product suppliers offer brushes which are only designed for a specific use, but at Kraumetik Cosmetic, we manufacture and provide that kind of individual brushes which are actually designed to be multi-purpose.

Moreover, our brushes are hygienic, properly clean, 100% cruelty-free, and budget friendly!

For instance, our “lip brush” can also be used as an eyeliner or concealer brush. All of our cosmetic stuff is not only suitable for your budget, but will also suitable for your daily use.

What makes our individual brushes so Unique & Convenient?

All our makeup brushes comprise soft hair and make you feel like a caress on your skin. All makeup brushes manufactured at kraumeticcometic are best to apply. Only, a right quantity of powder on your skin can give you an ultra-natural finish.

Our manufactured quality & professional brush sets are versatile and convenient as they can cater the following requirements;

  • Best to use for, concealer, blush, foundation, and bronzer
  • Can do light to full buildable coverage
  • Can be used for concealer application under the eyes
  • Quick and easy spot coverage over any imperfections
  • Quick & easy controlled application of cream and liquid products.
  • Light to medium buildable coverage
  • Provides liquid, powder, and cream product application

Uses & Features of Our individual brushes

Let’s take a look at some best uses and features of makeup brushes;


  • Application of Mascara
  • Application of cream, powder eyeshadow
  • Application of Eyeshadow, Eyeliner
  • Best to use for loose & compact powder
  • Application of face pack


  • Easy to use
  • Precise design
  • Flawlessness
  • Precise dimensions
  • High strength
  • Perfect finish

Here is our exquisite collection of individual brushes exclusively designed by Kraumetik Cosmetic

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