Your Ultimate Guide to Makeup Sponges

Your Ultimate Guide to Makeup Sponges

Brushes, liner, mascara, eye shadow kit, and few bristles! What name is missing among these significant makeup tools? Makeup sponges, right? Yes, sponges are the most important thing which every makeup holic mist and always use for applying foundation on the skin.

How do we define makeup sponge?

Well, it’s not simply a piece of sponge that you use to apply foundation on your skin, but it’s also a most central part of makeup kit which has to be looked after and maintained properly, in the meantime it also needs to replace frequently.

Thanks to branded makeup sponge suppliers who put all their effort to provide us top quality durable and long-lasting sponges these days, these sponges tend to design for maximum absorbing capacity, to soak up an excessive amount of liquid or makeup, and to cease it from getting over-applied to your face. However, you can avoid getting a cake look on your face if you know the right way to use a sponge.

The makeup sponge is extensively used for its laudable versatility, it can be used on face, cheeks, eyes, and even your lips!  Since makeup sponge is highly applicable to apply the cream, mousse, liquid, and even powder products; thus it comes to be an ultimate beauty application.

From types to uses of beauty sponges, you’ll learn all about makeup sponges in this post below;

Different types of Makeup Sponges

Beauty blending sponge – The beauty blending or blender is a small, teardrop-shaped sponge which comes in a bigger size as well. This is best to use for applying cream and liquid foundations, as it works as the best blender, as well as it helps in applying naturally.

Another amazing feature of using makeup sponge is, it gives you ‘airbrush’ look to your makeup, and is also best for contouring.

Moreover, beauty blender is also useful for hiding dark circles under eyes, and for applying concealer into smaller areas. You can learn the best hacks and tactics of using a makeup sponge, and other beauty kits via online tutorial videos.

Satin or cotton powder puffs/sponges – The sponges are not only restricted to sponge-type only, but they’re also known as puffs which are commonly known for smearing loose powder to the skin, usually after foundation application.

The cotton puffs or makeup sponges are easy to use since it can easily cover most of the face with a few well-placed ‘dabs’, and they’re not very expensive. Besides, cotton puffs also make an ideal choice for sensitive skin as they don’t make excessive contact with your skin.

Contouring sponges – The contouring sponges are designed in such a way that it helps in highlighting a contour on your skin especially on those areas where it comes to difficult to do contouring such as cheekbones.

Also, you can use this sponge with cream and liquid foundations, with bronzing products, and highlighters. In case of using bronzers, contouring sponges can also give you a more natural-looking effect, as they tend to soften and dampen the color.

Cosmetic sponges & Wedges – As the name suggests, the cosmetic sponges and wedges are best to use for quick makeup touch, and when the user is not much concerned about keeping the sponge to use again. These are hence an irregular sort of utilization bargain.

You will discover these in various shapes, either round, square, or in wedge frame, and they are mostly utilized either wet or dry for use with establishments in the fluid frame, or with powders. They don’t generally assimilate a great part of the establishment, with the goal that implies that whatever you put on the wipe, goes onto your skin, to give you a full scope sort of arrangement.

How to clean your Makeup sponges?

Following are the few best rules to wash and clean your makeup sponge;

  • Collect all your sponges and wet them with warm water
  • when sponge become wet completely, then take few drops of soap (pick a sensitive one or baby shampoo), then lather it with your fingertips for a couple of minutes
  • Now, rinse the sponges and extract out excess soap using your fingers again. keep doing this until all remnants of soap and suds have gone and the water is running totally clear
  • Wring out all the abundance water, Pat dry utilizing a towel. Let it dry completely, preferably somewhere warm, like a window, but resting on a clean paper towel or regular towel
  • There is a fixed rule on how often you wash your makeup sponge, as it depends how frequently you use it, and how you use it, but you need to make certain you wash it once or twice a week.

What are the best uses of makeup sponge?

Following are the best ways in which you can use makeup sponge;

Most importantly, makeup sponge is used for foundation blending. With the help of it, you can mix your foundation wonderfully and make an impeccable look

Makeup sponges are also used for putting blush on cheeks. Take your powder or cream become flushed with magnificence wipe and tap it on your cheeks and mix pleasantly

Another way in which you can use your makeup sponge is, apply it over face powder loose or compact. But it has to be dry at that time.

Makeup sponge can be used for blending skincare products including; sunscreen, moisturizer, serum or any other skin care products. In fact, you can also use for contorting.

What is the best Technique to use Makeup Sponge?

The ideal technique to use beauty blender is, bounce it over your skin. Doing this will change the usefulness of sponge. It means there’ll be no more smoothness in your makeup, nor an airbrushed finish.

Open the tap water, and wet makeup sponge in it, hold it under the stream of water, by doing this, you can expand your sponge much faster.  When you sponge start getting fluffier and softer, squeeze it gently to extract out excessive moisture. Remember, you have to make your sponge damp, but not soak totally wet.

If you want to use beauty sponge for larger areas of the face like forehead, cheeks, or jawline, then use rounded bottom and sides of your sponge. How to use sponges for nose crease, inner corner of eyes, and other hard to reach areas? It’s not difficult at all! You can do it utilizing pointed tip of your cosmetics wipe

Some Useful Tips

Now, let jump to the significant tips and points about cosmetic / makeup sponge you must know;

  • Never use Latex sponges as it creates a harmful reaction on users’ skin
  • Always wash your sponges properly with hand soaps after using. When sponge starts crumbling from the edges, it means it has lost its originality, and thus leaves an odd smell, replaces it with a new one
  • The makeup sponges are good absorbents. Hence, you should be prepared to forfeit a small amount of foundation in sponge each time you are applying it.

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