How to Choose Professional Makeup Brushes?

How to Choose Professional Makeup Brushes?

A good makeup brush can make every women an artist

Just like having the best collection of baking accessories can help make a person an expert in baking, similarly, a good quality cosmetic stuff can make its user a prolific makeup artist; be it a set of a professional makeup brush, or anything else.

The basic concern about choosing the best makeup brush is, for which purpose you need? Let’s take an example of a synthetic makeup brush, which is best for applying liquid, or cream makeup, and gives smooth coverage.

Alike this, you would have purchased plenty of makeup brushes so far, but how do you make sure all were worth buying or not; or which one might affect your skin badly? Not sure probably, right? With regards to it, we’ve got something for you! We’ve collected some best expert tips or guidelines for choosing the best makeup brush.

So, here we go!

Best Guidelines for choosing a quality Makeup brush!

1. Choose Organic fiber brush

The very first thing you need to consider is, pick an organic or natural fiber brush as it’s soft and quite effective. This brush comprises of actual hair, it has fine cuticles which attach better and hold pigment on the brush well until you apply it to face.

Or, if your skin can’t bear animal hair (natural / organic fiber brushes are made of animal hair) then you can choose synthetic fiber as they’re made of manmade fiber like nylon, and suitable for all skin types. On the other hand, Synthetic brushes are good for applying liquid makeup like base and concealer, because they are easier to clean.

Additionally, synthetic brushes are very hygienic to use because it has flat bristles which always stay clean. Using high-quality makeup with standard quality pigment makes an ultimate choice since it enables users to have more control over the amount they use.

In order to fathom a clear difference between natural and synthetic makeup brush, see the image below

The natural fiber brushes are often expensive. Though its retail price shows the brush quality, yet the best solution is, get the one which could go for a long time, and you can take good care of it. The retail price, though, reflects the quality of the product.

Regardless of looking for vegan or natural brushes, always weigh them on basis of softness, brush shape, diameter, and length of the bristle hair. You can spend that additional cash for a brush which could keep going a lifetime, as long as you take great care of it.

2. Find cruelty free items if that’s important to you

The cruelty-free brushes could also be good for you. The different aspects of makeup brushes have been started getting into noticed by many makeup brands for the types of brushes they produce each day. They’re focusing on cruelty-free brushes.

The best examples are Antonym’s brushes, they’re certified vegan, and cruelty-free, yet they comprise of sustainable bamboo handles.

Another example is Urban Decay, they’re also cruelty-free, professional grade & green, and crafted with super soft synthetic hair made from recycled plastic bottles.

3. Find brushes with a dome-shaped tip

No matter which type of makeup set you’re looking for; even if it’s a professional makeup brush set China, even then consider one which has Dome-shaped bristles. It can roll more evenly over your face. The flat brushes drag more while applying makeup, as its curved shape makes it easier to control the makeup application.

4. Choose a brush that could cover all basics

A makeup brush covering all needs also depends on your sin, and makeup requirements. For instance, natural or vegan could be better for you. Need a brush fulfills all your requirement as well as suit your budget, then go for;

  • Foundation brush,
  • Concealer brush
  • Blush brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Slanted eyeshadow brush

Usually, it happens that skin becomes allergic not because of excessive makeup, but due to using of brush made of animal hair.

The alternate option to these brushes could be; a finishing powder brush, perfecting buff and defining lip brush. All of these are launched by ILIA.

5. Invest in high-quality makeup brushes

Lastly, make a smart investment by buying high-quality makeup brushes, make your collection with all those essential ones which you might need for daily use. There is a huge variety of makeup brushes, and each one is made for the specific purpose.

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