9 Makeup Blender Sponges You Need To Buy ASAP!!

9 Makeup Blender Sponges You Need To Buy ASAP!!

Have you ever wondered what had been proving to be the best invention in makeup world till now? Makeup brushes, maybe, a blush on? Keep on guessing, is it a skin highlighter? Well, the gesture is towards makeup blender sponges. Do you know why?

Because blender sponges are something which gives you a flawless airbrushed, and dewy makeup look. It doesn’t look heavy or cakey, rather gives a natural look to your skin, and it seems like your skin got airbrushed into perfection.

Nevertheless, thousands of sponges are manufactured and provided by makeup sponge suppliers on daily basis, they’re expanded in a variety of types, but how you make sure every sponge will give you a fabulous look? Not sure right?

To enlighten you with, how sponges contribute in giving a flawless makeup look, we’ve enlisted below some best kinds of beauty blenders along with their features, and distinguishing factors. Thanks to professional makeup experts who take their little time to spare with us, and guide us telling right sponges for an effective makeover.

I bet, you’ll find this post quite convincing, and will buy these sponges as soon as possible.

So, let’s get started!

Best makeup sponges you must buy right now!

1.  Beauty Blender Sponge

When any expert makeupholic women look for a beauty sponge that is not only original but very soft and reliable at the same time, then you know what she prefers as her ultimate solution? The beauty blender sponge.

Yes, because it’s the best one among all other makeup sponges, and it’s also preferred by names like Oprah and Beyonce, in fact, you’ll find it to be a central part of every woman’s makeup collection.

The egg-shaped sponge contains the right level of bounce, neither has it absorbed too much product as well. The best way to use it, take a sharp end to apply it over hard to reach places and take around the end to apply on larger surfaces

2.  Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Also known as, miracle complexion sponge, this beauty blender has a rounded end shape with a flat and handy straight edge.

This makeup blender brush washes brilliantly (No matter how many times you wash this sponge, it won’t break easily). Moreover, this amazing beauty sponge also gives the most beautiful finish to your foundation. It’s available in very economical price.


3.  Real Techniques Bold Metals Miracle Diamond Sponge

This is a multi-confronted magic occurrence precious stone wipe and is intended to work with numerous items on various areas of your face. The top of the sponge is to buff and to blend for a flawless finish. The small flap size is to work around the eyes, mouth, and brow bone area. The large flat size function as a wedge to apply makeup in larger areas and point of tip covers small imperfection.

This sponge soaks up your foundation a bit more than other makeup sponges since it doesn’t contain a dense texture. Notwithstanding, the various surfaces enable you to utilize such a large number of various items – base, concealer, cream blusher, fluid highlighter – without exchanging wipe

4.  Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge (Pear)

This pear shape black canvas sponge retails at a whopping 7 euro, and available in four different colors pink, lemon, black, and lilac. It also comes in oval shape, and best for getting onto eyes, and by the end, it’s best for stippling on foundation, just roll it on with the shape.

Besides, it comes with two pointed ends, one for concealer, while other for blending out your contour with precision. You can grasp hold of this wipe effortlessly and it has an extraordinary bob.

5.  Barely Cosmetics Prep, Blot & Blend Sponge

At times, the makeup users seek small size sponges, which doesn’t expand much when get soaked in the water. This one is incredible for tapping in a base lotion, for example, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, an eye cream or your preliminary.

6.  Shiseido – The Makeup Sponge Puff (Foundation)

We can also call it a translucent powder, which is best to use when pressed into the makeup area which you want to set, instead of dusting with a brush.

Swap the wipe that accompanied your conservative for this level diamond from Shiseido. You can utilize it when you are out on the town to quiet any sparkle as well. It washes well, which is imperative for keeping things sterile, and it feels so pleasant on the skin. Shiseido makes it in different shapes as well.

7.  Elsie’s Velvet Sponge

This is the most popular, and pointy sponge in black color. It has a little indentation, and it’s pretty big as compared to beauty blender.

The arrowhead-like shape sponge let users pinch the center, and get those germs out of their hand from that areas wherever the sponge reaches.

8.  Makeup bullet

This makeup sponge looks more like a finger blender. It applies flawless makeup stat, it is hypoallergenic, latex free, washable, and reusable.

It’s an amazing makeup tool which joins the perfect completion of a blender, without any difficulty and speed of your own fingertips.

The first occasion when you utilize it you may feel somewhat senseless. The Makeup Bullet is made with the goal that you stick your instrument fingers inside and wear one, two, or three at any given moment.

9.  Fenty Beauty Sponge

The Fenty beauty sponge is a trilateral makeup sponge made without latex and best for blending and applying all formulas.

This three-sided makeup sponge takes blending to the next level with triple-threat care. However, the way to use it, take the slanted edge for controlled stippling, rounded end for all-over buffing, and mini-moon edge for targeted coverage (perfect for the under eyes).

Regardless of the liquid formula, cream, or powder—the Precision Makeup Sponge gives you a chance to alter your scope as it conveys quick, simple, consistent outcomes inevitably.

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