20 Amazing Ways to Use Your Makeup Brushes Efficiently

20 Amazing Ways to Use Your Makeup Brushes Efficiently

Makeup doesn’t make you look beautiful, but it brings out your inner beauty in the more efficient way”

Yes, Its own my own belief which I realize, when I witness it myself, and got indulged in the most beautiful creative activity in this world that allows you to rejuvenate your look, and modifies yourself from dizzy, tired, to an appealing chic women.

When it comes to talking about makeup, then it covers massive tools and things ranging from makeup brush to sponges, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow to contours, foundation, and liquid creams which women apply on their neck, hands, and face.

What makes it possible to blend powder, or contour on your skin well? It’s definitely a makeup brush. It’s something which is supplied in bundles, and available in the wide array via thousands of branded makeup brushes suppliers.

Getting a variety of makeup stuff is not enough, even it’s useless if you fail to use it in a right way. Making best use of makeup brush is a skill which a user must nail. There are many tutorials, and DIY makeup guides to teach you applying makeup like a pro.

That’s what we’re going to do in this blog post today! Yes, we’re going to go through each brush/bristle type, sizes, shape, and density. We’ll also tell you the key criteria which every girl must consider when it comes to choosing which brush to choose for which part of the face.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Your Makeup Brush?

The makeup bristles are really important, and divided into two different types;

Natural brush– It is best to use for powders or anything with a high pigment payoff, as they lay down the product in a really smooth way

Synthetic brushes – This brush is best to use for creams, liquids, and they won’t absorb any of your product

Size of brush

The sizes of brush also matter when it comes to choosing best makeup brushes. Larger brush sizes can help you blend product or apply them evenly all over the face. Whereas, smaller brushes are best to use in a precise way, and they can also be very detail oriented at times.

For eyes, you should go for a larger eye shadow brush, as well as a smaller eye shadow brush, and they’ll give you two completely different effects. The larger brush is really great for sweeping on the product all over, and it’s also useful for smudging lines or creating something really fine and precise all around the eye.


Something else to consider when you’re choosing your brushes is the density of brushes. A brush with good density will apply a lot of color in one application. You can also take a fluffy brush for blending as it allows you to blend a product with high pigment, but not apply a lot of product.

A common mistake often people do is, they apply fluffy brushes everywhere. Though, it might feel nice, but will also give a muddy look very soon.


Then comes the shape of brushes. The most shapes of brushes are round, domed, slanted, or flat.

  • Rounded brushes are best for applying the product in sweeping motions. They give really soft edges. So they’re best for any kind of powder or anything you want to apply in a soft, subtle way.
  • The domed brushes provide precise placement. These brushes are great to use in a pat and roll motion
  • The slanted brushes will give you control you want for precise placement
  • The flat brushes allow you to lay down a dense amount of color. This brush is best to use for applying a highlighter or sculpting the sides of your face as it’s both narrow and flat

How To Use Each type of Makeup Brush?

  1. Foundation brush – Apply foundation to the center of your face, and sweep outward your hairline for a seamless finish with the help of foundation brush.
  1. Beauty blender – Dampen your brush with water, and dab on the foundation for even sheer coverage
  1. Kabuki Brush – sweep bronzer along your temple and your hairline, cheekbone, and jawline in a “3” shape
  1. Powder brush – clean the bristles over your face to equally diffuse free powders for less thought shading that won’t smirch your establishment
  1. Angled blush brush – Whirl the swarms with a become flushed on the apples of your cheeks, at that point hold it at an edge, and float it alongside your cheekbones
  1. Concealer brush – Pat concealer on under eye circles and flaws. Utilize the round edge to achieve alcoves around your eyes and nose
  1. All over eyeshadow brush – smooth eyeshadow across your eyelids in a windshield wiper motion for intense color
  2. Blending brush – hold the tip of the handle and swirl in a circular motion in your eye crease for a soft, blended look
  1. Smudge brush – line your lashes with kohl liner, then lightly sweep the brush from side to side over your liner for a smoky, sultry look
  1. Angled eyeliner brush – dip in cream or gel liner or shadow. Hold the brush at an angle, so the bristles are flush with your lash line. Drag them from the inside corner of your eye along the lash line
  1. Lash / brow comb / brush

Comb – Gently comb through to separate clumpy lashes, remove excess mascara, and smooth messy brows

Brush – Brush up and out to tame thick unruly brows, and diffuse harshly filled in brow lines

  1. Fan brush – brush fallen eye shadow from under your eyes, or stroke your face with powder, highlighter, bronze, and blush for precise yet sheer application
  1. Foundation brush – Start rubbing brush from the mid of your face and blend the product towards the outer side to stop harsh makeup lines around the edge of your face. Its alternate use could be, you pat it on under eye concealer.
  1. Birch box’s Blender Brush – Lightly sweep across your lid to blend the shadows you’ve used
  1. Birch box’s Angled Liner Brush – If you’re using it for applying shadow, then first make the brush wet, then drag along your lash line for a characterized clean line.

But if you’re using this brush for gel liner, then you don’t need to wet your brush. Get a smoky look by smudging your liner with fine, upward strokes.

  1. Dome Blush Brush – Spin your brush in your favorite blush, then apply in a broad movement along your normal cheekbones, moving from the apples of your cheeks towards your ears
  1. Deluxe Lip Brush – Use the level side of the brush to apply the product, utilizing short strokes to mix equitably over your whole lip. Gently squeeze lips together for an even circulation of shading.
  1. Expert Foundation Brush – Take out a bit of foundation over your hand palm, and dip your brush into the color. Now apply it on your face with short, descending strokes, mixing in any lines that create with the brush
  1. Buff brush– Using a buff brush, apply makeup on your skin, and move in a circular motion. This is the best way to apply your foundation, so you won’t get clear lines of distinction of colors on your skin.
  1. Flat eyeliner brush — Using the top of the brush, dot your lash line with color; then make it elongated by clearing over your lash line from end to end. It influences your eyes to look greater and more alive.

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