10 Mistakes Ladies Usually Commit With Makeup Brushes

10 Mistakes Ladies Usually Commit With Makeup Brushes

Do you know where do most people commit a mistake while using cosmetic products? Makeup brushes, yes; the most important makeup applicator which hardly people few people know, how can it do wonders in transforming your look.

After approaching branded makeup brush sets suppliers, another thing that can make your money worth spending is their right usage.

In this blog, we have highlighted some common mistakes which people do while using makeup brushes;

Mistake # 1 – Dipping makeup brush into Concealer brush

Dipping or mixing makeup brush into concealer brush is the first common mistake which often ladies do in lure of hiding their dark circles on the skin.

Instead, place the concealer on the back of your hand, it’ll start getting soft and warm gradually, apply it on affected dark circled areas. The fluffy brush with blended fibers will also work well.

Mistake # 2 – Using eye shadow brush for retaining the crease

The eyeshadow brushes are divided into two categories; conventional eye shadow, and crease brush. So, another common mistake which many people commit is, they use large size eye shadow brushes to maintain the crease, this results in spreading out the shadow.

The ideal eyeshadow brush should be small in size to maintain the crease well.

Mistake # 3 – Inappropriate use of brush

Do you notice red spots frequently on your skin? This might be due to inappropriate use of a brush, or it could also happen due to using low-quality makeup brushes.

Individuals, as a rule, pass up a major opportunity the base of their as the brush can achieve it. It is critical that you are utilizing a decreased cosmetics brush to each part uniformly.

Mistake # 4 – Using Brush on the face with hard hand

Using the brush on the face with the hard hand is another wild mistake which has become so common today, especially the beginners, or who’s not aware of smart makeup hacks. Why is it so critical? Because it results in bristles to bend, hence it leads to uneven markup results.

The beauticians and makeup artists always prefer soft hand while using a brush on the face, it won’t allow the brush bristles to bend any time.

Besides, using the gentle hand for brushing not only prevents your skin from the damage, but it will also give you an acute makeup look without causing red spots. It is likewise prescribed to clean off your brush once you have dunked your brush in the concealer for cosmetics. As you clean it off get off inordinate powder that causes obstruction in giving a characteristic overall look to your cosmetics.

Mistake # 5 – Applying makeup on dry skin

It has been mostly seen that ladies complain of feeling hard or cracked skin after using any top foundation. This happens when they apply makeup brush on dry skin.

Few top makeup artists suggest that, in order to get the best makeup result, it’s important to get your skin moisturize then apply makeup.

Mistake # 6- Not keeping makeup brush clean

Not getting your desired makeup result? it means you’re not cleaning your makeup brush regularly, or you’re using it monthly or yearly rather washing them each week. Cleaning your makeup brush regularly will help you get off all the powder and other dry particles from it.

A filthy cosmetics brush will cause staph all over. This is an exceptionally fundamental tip that will contribute significantly to your cosmetics.

Mistake # 7 – Using the Wrong Eyeliner

Mismatching skin tone while using eyeliner or other brush is a big mistake. If you have a dark skin tone, always use black eyeliner, else it ends up looking quite harsh.

If you have a lighter skin tone, it is best you stick to darker liners. Dark is a no-no in the event that you have light hair and blue eyes.

Mistake # 8 – Washing your brush in a wrong way

What could be more annoying than washing your makeup brush in a wrong way? A Cruel mistake which can spoil your entire makeup look, and your skin. Usually, people use wrong product for a cleansing makeup brush.

Mistake # 9 – Holding brush too closely

This is another common mistake which often ladies do while using a makeup brush, they hold it very closely rather holding it from the tip. The more you will apply brush while holding it from the tail tip, the more you can apply it in the flow.

Another mistake is, using a wet brush which can result in making you look terrible especially if you’re using for eye makeup.

Mistake # 10 – Using a Hair dryer to force bristles dry quickly

It can be said a one-way ticket to disturb your brush quality. Once you get done with washing your brush, squeeze out all water as much as you can, and leave them to air-dry.

So, before approaching your desired cosmetic brushes suppliers, make sure you’ve fathomed above mentioned tips, so you won’t repeat them again to retain your makeup brush quality!

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