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Shenzhen Malena is professional manufacturers and supplier of private label and custom makeup brushes from china. We are the leaders in manufacturing private label custom cosmetic tools and brushes ideal for spas, salon and all type of beautification requirements.  Our range includes all types of cosmetic brushes especially crafted to ensure flawless makeup. As a reliable and professional makeup brushes suppliers we use top-quality ultra-soft bristles that works ideal in applying makeup evenly. The design of the cosmetic brush makes it a perfect choice for applying powder blush, face powder, eye-shadow and lipsticks.

Our range of professional synthetic brushes are best for applying oil based products. For professional and salon based needs we offers entire range of private label makeup brushes at wholesale prices.  As one of the largest cosmetic brush suppliers in China we continuously integrate latest and innovative designs and features help you to enjoy flawless and professional makeup even at your home. With every step of designing and manufacturing our consulting experts ensure that we deliver quality second to none.


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Discover Latest Features & Designs Like Never Before

Shenzhen Malena is proudly taking the level of makeup and cosmetic brushes to a whole new level. We have integrated some of the most hi-tech features with our resounding designs provide you a complete makeup brush kit like never before.  As a genuine cosmetic brushes suppliers and manufacturers our cosmetic brushes come with innovative fiber designs helps you to spread makeup with consistency.

Our stylish handles allows to take control and reach areas conveniently, and the flawless finishing let you to love our makeup brushes. No matter if you have a revolutionary new concept and need a reliable partner to promote your brand, we have complete solution to provide you private label custom makeup brushes, professional brushes and tools to create loyal customers for you. Not just by look our range of makeup brushes are a perfect choice with respect to technical features and the way it works for all skin types. Our range of quality tested by a team of dermatologists to ensure it doesn’t have the likes of any side-effect.

Safer, Smarter & 100% Animal Free Cosmetic Brushes

We don’t believe in creating all the fibers equal. We know that everyone has a unique requirement and when it comes to makeup one size doesn’t fits for all. As a professional makeup brushes suppliers   Shenzhen Malena proudly offers makeup brushes with animal-free fiber but mimic the same characteristics exactly as animal fibers. As largest cosmetic brushes suppliers we offer you numerous animal free fiber choice of brushes to choose from, ensuring phenomenal makeup.

The fibers that we uses is quality rigorously quality tested by our professionals to ensure its safety and to make sure that it doesn’t harm any skin type and tone. All the fibers are uniform in terms of flexibility, sizes and smoothness to ensure even makeup application. What put Shenzhen Malena Technology Co. in high esteem being a valuable and reliable cosmetic brushes suppliers is, we strive to retain balance in both quality and quantity of products, as well as we also provide cosmetic tools that is usable for all age people from teenage girls, to adult and the old one.

Finding the Right Makeup Brush Was Never Too Easy

As a leading Cosmetic Brushes Suppliers our range includes all types and variants of makeup brushes needed for your makeover. Our brush making process starts the picking the best fibers, putting it with elegant handles, checking out the consistency, and putting our signature colors and shades giving it an overall elegant look.

No matter if you are professional stylist at a spa, saloon or a dermatologist or even if you need it just to have to personally for your daily make up dose. Our brushes are versatile when it comes to usability. Explore us online and select your makeup brushes from our wide range of elegant handles, head shapes and different fiber types to uses with all types of blends, contours, and liquids. In china we recognized as a top manufacturers of custom makeup brushes as we accommodate custom requirements in terms of, colors, designs, sizes and fibers for our customers.  Shenzhen Malena’s private label cosmetic brushes is best for business to put their logo on and make new loyal customers.

Unique Handles, Attractive Designs & Elegant Finishes

Shenzhen Malena is a distinguished makeup brushes suppliers and manufacturers that offers the most unique custom makeup brushes and  makeup sponges with elegant handles, mesmerizing designs and cutting edge finishes. If you are a wholesale cosmetic brush supplier, our range of brushes will be loved by your customers while you will get the best ever pricing.

If you are a fan of traditional makeup brushes or you are more into the latest shapes and designs for complex makeup applications, you are at the right place where your need is just our product. Shenzhen Malena focuses in providing new and advanced designs, concepts and styles in our entire range, but still we know the value of vintage and classical ever-green makeup and cosmetic tool designs.

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